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Comprehensive Appliance Cover

Designed to protect your daily routine from the stress and inconvenience associated with domestic appliance break downs

Only £11.99 per month for 3 appliances!

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    Unlimited repair call outs 
    No limits on claims
    Covers mechanical and electrical breakdown

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"I have had two problems with appliances. Both times, Appliance Reliance fixed the problem quickly. Very professional. Highly recommended."

Lee Marshall, Salisbury

If a domestic appliance breaks down, we’ll get your daily routine back on track in less than 48 hours

We never realise how much we depend on domestic appliances until they stop working.
And the reality is, we can’t tell when an appliance is going to fail.
The broken fridge or freezer that spoils all your food and drinks; or the washing machine that stops halfway through before your clothes are clean. Appliance break downs cause significant stress and inconvenience.
If your appliance is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you’re in luck. But often, machines break down or suffer accidental damage after the guarantee expires.
Sure, you can scour the internet looking for an engineer, but the chances are you’ll face a hefty call out charge. And possibly a large bill for spare parts.
Thankfully, an affordable cover plan from Appliance Reliance means one call to our friendly support team is all you need to get a faulty appliance repaired.
And to help keep your appliances working in perfect order, our plans even include a professional appliance service every 12 months.
Here's a list of the key cover plan features:

Domestic Appliance CoverKey Features

    Unlimited repair call outs
    No limits on claims
    Covers mechanical and electrical breakdown
    Low-cost cover from £11.99 per month for 3 appliances
    Choose to cover as many appliances as you need
    No call out charges
    Includes the cost of parts
    FREE annual service
    FREE TV cover with most plans when you quote ARHEC 09

7 reasons why hundreds of satisfied customers choose an Appliance Cover plan from Appliance Reliance

1) It’s Cost-Effective

With our affordable plans, you can typically cover 3 appliances for the same cost of taking out in-store cover for a single machine. 

2) Relieves the stress of finding an engineer

You only need to make one call to our friendly customer services team to get your problem appliance fixed. There’s no need to ring around for quotes, and no need to research customer review sites to find the right engineer.

3) No expensive call-out charges

Our cover plans mean you don’t have to commit to a call-out charge, regardless of whether your appliance can be fixed.

4) Protection against major bills

With a cover plan from Appliance Reliance, you don’t need to worry about paying for potentially expensive replacement parts.

5) Home contents insurance often doesn’t cover you

Domestic content insurance policies usually only cover loss from fire, theft and accidental damage. Electrical or mechanical breakdown is not typically included.

6) Protects you from insurance excess claims

Suppose you claim for accidental damage on a home insurance policy. In that case, you’ll usually have to make an excess payment as a contribution towards the cost of repair or replacement. And if you make a claim on an insurance policy, you’ll likely receive a hefty price hike on the renewal date.

7) It’s great to know you’re covered

Sometimes in life, it’s great to know that when unexpected things happen to disrupt your daily routine, you have a plan in place to get things back on track in a few hours. All you need to do is call Freephone 0800 193 512, and we’ll take it from there.

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